property division and property settlements


Property Division and Property Settlements

Melbourne Divorce Lawyer can help you reach a settlement earlier

 With us at your side you can be certain that we will provide sound timely advice as to what the courts would most likely rule if your Family Law matter went to court.

Understanding what you are entitled to, and what a court would likely rule is a powerful tool in negotiation and we are able to guide and advise you to achieve a successful outcome.

If both parties are aiming for realistic outcomes then matters can be resolved and settled quickly, cost effectively and thus avoid or reduce the stress, uncertainty and inconvenience and significant legal and other costs of Family Law litigation.

When a marriage or relationship ends there is often many challenges to consider, one of the most common is the division of property and achieving a final property settlement.


Divorce Lawyer Melbourne is ready and able to help you if both parties consent to reach an amicable, equitable and fair settlement in a timely manner regardless of whether you were party to a marriage or a defacto relationship.

Divorce Lawyer Melbourne has many years of experience in Family Law disputes and litigation. If no Settlement is reached they are ready and able to help you through the legal pitfalls and Court processes. In many cases however we are able to help our clients reach fair, equitable and binding agreements without the necessity of expensive, stressful and complex legal proceedings.


The Family Law Act of 1975 as amended forms the framework for determining the division of property when a marriage or relationship ends and in most cases, the division of property is based on:

1. Identifying and valuing the property (including all assets and liabilities)

2. Consideration of the contributions of all parties (including both financial and non-financial contributions)

3. Consideration of other relevant factors including but not limited to age, health, income, and the standard of living of the parties

4. Ensure that the court order is just and equitable (put simply, the order must be fairest solution possible for both parties)

Most often, particularly in long standing marriages or relationships the courts would split the total value of all property (pool of assets including Superannuation and liabilities) equally unless having considered the above 4 factors or on any other special circumstances they determine that this would not be fair and equitable. Consideration of other relevant factors including but not limited to age, health, income, special needs, and the standard of living of the parties

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