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Expert and affordable family law and divorce lawyers in Melbourne. We have provided excellence in family law cases and other legal services throughout Victoria and beyond for over 40 years.



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Among the best divorce lawyers in Melbourne, we are highly experienced, respected and effective in family law firms assisting with family law matters and divorce. Our founder and staff strive to provide expertise, value and excellence in representing their local, interstate and international clients to achieve excellent outcomes in family law cases.

We constantly strive and deliver sound legal advice, excellence and personal service to our clients, we are proud of our ability to offer over 40 years of experience and dedication at reasonable rates, substantially lower than larger legal firms, and achieve excellent outcomes above client expectations.

An affordable Divorce Lawyer in Melbourne offering the following extensive range of legal services

Binding Financial Agreements

Also known as a BFA, prenuptial agreement or financial agreement. A binding financial agreement refers to a range of different types of agreements that are enforceable by law. Binding financial agreements include, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and divorce agreements.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is a method of resolving a dispute with the aid of a lawyer, but without the courts. Some of the goals of collaborative practice are to achieve resolution in a way that is respectful, transparent and open and to provide the foundation for an ongoing co-parenting or working relationship. As divorce lawyers in Melbourne, we use collaborative law, when applicable to solve disputes. 

Conveyancing / Property Transfers

Property law is complex and Divorce Lawyer Melbourne  can help you buy, sell or transfer any type of property especially during family Law disputes and settlements.

We offer affordable, tailored legal advice specific to your legal, and financial position at a very affordable price. Our expertise can help you save on costs, position yourself for better understanding of your real property, tax and settlements.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, also known as family violence, not only goes by different names across Australia but also has similar but different laws. Having represented clients as applicants and respondents in intervention orders for over 40 years, we are highly experienced in dealing with the legal issues associated with family violence, domestic violence and Intervention Orders within the Victorian court systems. If you have questions and concerns about domestic violence, Divorce Lawyers Melbourne are ready to assist you. 

Legal advice on Child Matters


When deciding on parenting orders for custody and care for a child after the difficult time of separation or divorce, the courts consider the child’s interests paramount and rule in favour of the child’s best interests. We can make these arrangements and consent orders or by a minute of consent order if the matter has been to court. If there are ongoing disputes and the matter needs to go to court, we can also support you in this and, if necessary, brief expert specialised Barristers to advise and appear on your behalf.

Child Support and Maintenance

Following the end of a relationship or marriage, child support (or child maintenance) is usually paid on an ongoing basis. Periodic payments made by a parent to the financial well-being of the child. In most cases, child support is paid by a parent or the partner of the parent; but in some cases, it may be payable where no relationship with the child has previously existed.

Consent Orders

If you are looking into having a consent order for either a property, or settlement for how your child will spend time with each parent, we can help advise you. For a family court to accept an order, proposals must meet certain requirements and we can effectively and affordably advise you on the best way to make sure this is done.

De Facto / Same Sex Relationships

In 2009, changes to the laws in Australia made it so that de facto relationships have similar rights and obligations as married couples. This means many of the same rules including those related to finances and children still apply. Same-sex relationships are viewed in the same way as de facto relationships under the law and have the same rights and responsibilities. Experienced divorce and Family Law lawyers at Divorce Lawyer Melbourne can assist with the divorce process for couples in de facto and same-sex relationships.

Injunctions and Restraining Orders

The family court has the power to grant personal protection orders to protect children, parents and others who regularly spend time with a child. These are similar to violence protection orders; however, these are granted through the Family Court rather than the Magistrates Court. Personal protection orders are often granted as part of a matter being heard by the Family Court to provide additional protection to the safety or well-being of the child or carer.


Property Division and Settlements

Divorce Lawyer Melbourne is ready and able to help you if both parties consent to reach an amicable, equitable and fair settlement in a timely manner, whether you were party to a marriage or a de facto relationship. We have over 40 years of experience in Family Law disputes and litigation. If no settlement is reached, we can help you through the legal pitfalls and Court processes. In many cases, with our vast knowledge and experience, we can help our clients reach fair, equitable and binding agreements.

Among the Best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne

Divorce Lawyer Melbourne offers the very best in all types of cases relating to family law matters, divorce, and the associated issues in this area of the law, including divorce, family disputes, property settlements, spousal maintenance, child issues, parenting matters, domestic violence, consent orders, injunctions, de facto couples, same-sex couples, children and restraining orders and all other types of family law matters involving children. Call us today to discuss any needs or concerns you may have in relation to any of the Family Law matters contained within this website.

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You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Be in Good Hands

Finding an affordable divorce lawyer in Melbourne can be a challenging task. We offer highly competitive rates, along with:

  • A long, successful history in the legal profession.
  • Over 40 years’ experience with experienced staff.
  • Friendly, family, supportive and inviting atmosphere.
  • Excellent communication and explanations on legal issues.
  • Dedicated, approachable and transparent.
  • Affordable and dedicated to our clients, achieving success.
  • A focus on obtaining fair and equitable outcomes.
  • Mediation to settle and save legal costs.

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We Serve Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and International Family Law clients.

Whether you are based in the suburbs of Melbourne or the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia or any part of the world, we can cater for your Family Law or Divorce law issues outlined on our website. Should you require any Family Law legal services, call us today!


“As principal and founder of Divorce Lawyer Melbourne, I can promise dedication, professionalism and excellence in service to you the client.I take it upon myself that the highest standards of service are provided by solicitors and staff to each and everyone of our clients. Over 40 years in the legal profession is testament to our experience, dedication and service excellence.”

John Velos B.Com, LLB, LLM (Melb)
Master of Laws

Barrister and Solicitor
Australian Lawyer


Central Location

Our firm is conveniently located at Level 6, 326 William Street, Melbourne, across the road from Flagstaff Station, the Commonwealth Law Courts of Family Court and Federal Magistrates’ Court, and many other Courts in a convenient location and ready and able to serve our clients with dedication, professionalism and excellence.


Years of Experience

Having amassed over 40 years of experience practising law, Mr. John Velos has represented many clients with great outcomes in a diverse range of legal areas, including Family Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Criminal Law, VCAT cases and International Legal cases.
With this vast and diverse knowledge, vast experience and dedication, your cases, matters, and issues are in safe hands.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We constantly strive to deliver sound legal advice, excellence, dedication and personal service to our clients; we are proud of our ability to offer over 40 years of experience and commitment at reasonable, affordable rates, substantially lower than larger legal firms, and achieve excellent outcomes above client expectations.

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